Food Services



A cook- chill operation providing meals for Tricare Nursing Homes in South East Qld and Qld Health facilities.

The consultancy involves menu reviews for the Nursing Home menu and "extra services". Recipes have been checked and analysed using Foodworks. This ensures the menu offered is nutritious, varied and suitable for those in Aged Care.

Therapeutic diets eg gluten free, sodium restricted have been devised using the current menu and modifying recipes/meals served.

Nursing Homes and Private Hospitals

A variety of services have been offered to ensure food service provide nutritious meals

  • Menu reviews and recipe analysis has been completed for many Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes
  • Recipes for high energy, high protein supplements and protocols for their use have been devised
  • Audits on food service to determine plate waste and compliance with texture modifications
  • Inservice education for food service staff
  • Protocols/tools for assessing food service eg plate waste, HACCP audits


Recipes have been reviewed and assessed for compliance with special dietary requirements eg gluten free, lactose free, low fat.

To discuss how dietitians can help your food service, contact Leanne Wagner.